Today I would like to blog about a charity called Women for Women International. Women for Women International UK is an international charity that helps women survivors of war and civil conflicts rebuild their lives. Women for Women works in eight different countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Kosovo, Rwanda, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a strong believer and supporter of women’s empowerment, Women for Women provides financial aid, job training, rights awareness and leadership education to women in communities destroyed by violence.

I first came to hear about Women for Women International when i was searching through the internet to find out how some organisations are helping women. I was impressed about the work and effort in changing the lives of helpless women in some countries trying to give them the opportunity they had always wished.

I believe that the empowerment and involvement of women should be at the centre of development and peace negotiation strategies. And so, I would like to invite you all to get involved and raise awareness about the rights of women worldwide. You can read the report on Gender, Conflict and Millennium Development Goals or any of the other publications sponsored by Women for Women.

And so, if you want to read more about Women for Women International UK you can visit their page or you can also check out their blog.

Please also consider donating to the charity or getting involved, it doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is or how much time you can dedicate to the cause, every little bit counts!