“Fetu Afahye” is a cultural festival that is celebrated by the Fanti tribe of the people of Cape Coast, Ghana. The actual meaning of “Fetu Afahye” is “Cleaning Festival”, it is celebrated in order to help clean the environment of Cape Coast, the capital of the central region. It is a week long celebration and it begins on a Monday  and ends on Sunday. This year’s celebration was a different one all together because it was celebrated in honour of the late President His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills. He is a native of the town.

This year’s theme for celebration is “Asafo companies ; the past, present and the future”. The main event which is done on the Saturday brings together people from across the globe where chiefs are carried in the palanquins and they dance and demonstrate authority. The whole town was coloured in red to signify that an important son has died, it was a form respect that was been shown to the dead. Chiefs were not carried in their usual beautiful palanquins, but they walked through the principal streets of Cape Coast to show respect for the late President. The paramount chief of the town did not take part of the walk as he sat at his traditional house and received greetings from visitors and the chiefs. The grand durbar brought many crowd, both foreigners and locals. The current President of Ghana took part in the celebration. I asked a lot old folks if this year’s celebration has been quite different from the previous years and they said yes it was due to the death of the industrious son of the town. He included that the celebration has been dull this year.

A group of young people also shared the event on Twitter using the hashtag #OguaaAfahye – @awittor, @kobebigs other social media groups include- @capecoastguide,@barcampghana and @bccapecoast.

Check out some pictures from the event.


Imaging one day you went to the church premises and found that they were playing 50 cent, Alicia Keys, Abodam and other hip pop songs you can think of, and they were playing them for their praises section to God. What will be your first reaction towards this situation? Some people will be very surprised and will soon add it to the news item on Adom Fm (Ghanaian Fm station) or Cable News Network (CNN); members of the church will leave the church because it is a disgrace to their dignity, Christians will see the church as not spiritual and worldly. This issue will be the topic for discussion on the table of the Christian councils in various countries.  If we all agree that these kinds of music and couple of others should not be played at the church premises then why do we play it there? Many of us play these satanic music everyday in God’s church. I know you are wondering which kind of church is that; it is our body which is the most viable church God has built. Paul says in 1 Cor. 6: 19, do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.

The same way we feel ashamed of playing these kind of music in the church building is the same way we should feel when listening to them ourselves. The music clips we watch in our various homes that we feel it is wrong to watch it in the church; we should stop because the body sitting behind the television or computer is also a church which is more accountable to God than the church building. Do not let us do what the world think is good, but what God has said.  The scripture reads that the Kingdom of God is within us and not at a located place or structural building we can see.

A friend of mine during my intern in one of the largest telecommunications in Ghana made a very strange comment about this issue when I tried to share with her the truth behind these kinds of music. She said, “I have listened to R&B to the extent that I prefer it to gospel music”. Let us set our priorities right, the same way people get addicted to porn is the same way others get addicted to these satanic music. The devil is very clever in whatever he does, but we have the mind of Christ we are smarter than him. Singing good music lifts your soul to another level and increases your spiritual level. Music influences an individual without him even knowing. Let us sing sacred songs.