The effectiveness of Kenya’s human right system has got many challenges and this does not allow the citizens to freely express themselves. It is either influenced by politics which makes the women victims of the consequence. It is a saying in Kenya that “if we warn you and you don’t listen, we will shut you down. It is for this reason that Center for Rights Education and Awareness (C.R.E.A.W), a non-governmental, non-partisan organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. This life transforming organization was set up in 1998 by several women lawyers who had common goals and purpose: a commitment to confront the low awareness of women’s real needs and rights in society.

The organisation was set up by the effort of women and men who stood against all threats and oppression from people who did not want human rights to be a free universal commodity for the people of Kenya. Some of these building pillars of the organisation were imprisoned and bullied during protest and other events to advocate for human right in Kenya. CREAW’s  mission is to transform the Kenyan society through the promotion and expansion of women’s human rights, rule of law and social justice. The organisation has targeted mostly gender issues such as bride price, male domination, gender violence, sexual rights, etc. Many women have been saved as a result of the work and advocacy of CREAW

For more information visit: http://creawkenya.org/