Can You Build Your Social Capital Through Social Media?

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”  Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight)

In a blogpost written by the World Bank titled Does Social Media Create (or Destroy) Social Capital?, the writer stated that:

Elusive to define, social capital consists of those bonds created by belonging to a group that instils trust, solidarity, and cooperation among members. We know that good social capital has an enormous development potential, positively influencing economic growth, democracy, cognitive development, and adoption of farming practices, among others.

Just as a person can lose his/her social capital through high crime rate and dishonesty, that is the same way a person can either positively or negatively build his/her social capital through social media, The most important tool used in measuring a person’s social capital on social media is the quality of content a person shares with his/her audience online.

With the recent high internet penetration, people, companies and organisations have come to trust the judgement of the citizens from the online world. One needs to be very critical when sharing information online. People trust and heed to who share relevant information on the various social media platforms. The youth should take advantage of this and create a network of great influencers on social media. In this age, how you are worth on social media platforms can manifest in physical wealth. Watch what you post on your timeline. Ask yourself, is this worth sharing? If not, please do not!

If there is anything that has helped me to get connected to some great people in this world then it is through social media, I am very much concern about what I share on my timeline. I am connected to such great people because they have come to trust my content and see it as relevant. I have never met some of these people face-to-face, but through social media we are bonded!

In an email I sent to Jeffrey Manu, who is a Jesus-Believer, Brand Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Lightcreative Ghana, I asked Jeffery if a person could use social media to build his/her Social Capital and how is this possible? He shares his thoughts below:

“Social media builds social capital by relaying the value of a brand. It could be a person, organization or nation. Social media gives both storytellers and consumers the opportunity to give relevant information and build trust amongst their audience. The communication of value is what sets those doing it right from the rest.”

The value of your communication makes a person to decide to follow you or send  a friend request you. This help you create a social media network for yourself.  To confirm this, I asked Derrick N. Ashong, who has over 14000 followers on twitter, the need to build your social capital through social media.

“I believe a person can build their personal brand via social media. Ultimately social capital is all about perceived value. Social media enables individuals & organisations to build social capital by creating & sharing compelling content. The more compelling, the greater the impact. The challenge is to maintain & cultivate a relationship with your social media networks over time.”

Some tips to note:

  • Becareful of the profile picture you upload. Let it be more decent.
  • Share relevant information on your timeline.
  • Upload decent pictures in your photos  in your online album.
  • Contribute and share your views on trending issues.
  • Do not use abusive words on social media.
  • Do not respond to abusive comments from people with abusive words.