The administration sections of the public universities in Ghana are on strike over an alleged unsettled payment by the government due to this recent Single Spine innovation by the government. Others say the Administors are saying they want the same amount of money being paid to lecturers. This strike action has lasted for about seven weeks now. The only information that has been released to the students of these institutions is the fees for the next academic year. Students do not even know whether they will be going back to school on the scheduled date on the schools’ calendar. The most serious aspect of this strike action is that, the fresh students who are yet to enter the tertiary institution have not even received their admission letters yet and they are to report in the month of August this year.

Information (from a reliable source) reaching me states that, the issue at hand has now been turned into a court case. I ask myself this question, when are they going to settle this case at court? The administration sections might have a very genuine reason for doing this, but they should understand that the future of humanity is at stake. I have so far not heard any government official make any statement about this matter. Are we going to allow money to control and slow the pace of our development? If students do not go to school as scheduled on the calendar, there will be pressure on them when finally they resume. Please stakeholders involved should put effort s into this matter so as to resolve it quickly.

One issue I would like to address is the increase of the school fees by 40%. I will have no problem if this new increment comes with any new educational package that will be beneficial to students, but this is not so. What is the Student Representative Council (SRC) doing about this? Are they not to negotiate such viable issues on our behalf? I write with a passion as a student.


  1. tnx. the law courts have time to call those ever postponing cases but wont all this serious case dat concerns our future. OMG!

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