Examination week has begun and students are scared to go to the school library or lecture halls to study for the fear of armed robbery attacks. Previously, these criminals used to attack students on their way to their hostels, but things have now changed. We now experience armed robbery right in the lecture halls while students are studying for their exams.

This incident happened about three days ago on the campus of UCC. Some students were studying in one of the lecture halls and they had their laptops with them, they were about 15 in number. Suddenly, there appeared men with guns and machetes asking the students to hand over their laptops to them. One of the students who struggled with them to get his laptop almost got his hand cut off.

The question I pose is where were the security men on campus? If these criminals can disguise themselves and enter lecture halls, then the university is not safe. Anyway, these security men do not even have weapons so obviously even if they saw these criminals they would have run for their own lives. This is not the first time this is happening on this campus, but there has been too many occurrences this semester, right from the beginning till now.

Everybody lives in fear and trauma; our females are the greatest victims. Students cannot now walk alone on campus around the hours of 10:00pm. These criminals go to the hostels and breakthrough doors with machetes on students asking them for their laptops and money, if you are found without any of these things, these criminals will use blade to cut your palm.

I have decided to blog about this issue because I have not so far seen or heard the university council trying to take any measures to curb the situation. We need the help of the Ghana Police Service and other security services to come to our aid. Some of the roads that the criminals frequently attack students are the Amamoma, School bus road, Ayensu road and Kwapro. During this semester there has been more than 20 laptops stolen at Amamoma area. Some ladies were attacked in their rooms and due to that they had leave their hostel to another hostel within the same semester.

I will entreat the university council to extend security services to the hostels, since the school can’t provide enough accommodation for students. Let all help to put this social problem to rest.


  1. I think you got to send this note to the University Council or the Vice Chancellor copying the src president, dean of student, security head officer. Cudos anyway for bringing it up.

  2. I believe our leaders are listening to our cries. How long will this continue? When? When? Please, it is our security we are crying for. Come to our aid.

  3. I feel so scare to go out in the evening to study bekos of dis thèft cases. It is high tym the university council started doing something b4 all the students wit laptops get stolen

  4. thnx a lot Kofi coz it seems u have done exactly what i was planning to do but i believe our caring mother will find a way of helping us coz we don’t sleep and we the ladies are the worst victims. can u imagine i live every day of my life in fear?

  5. This is serious. God help our students. Ghana 4 u. People take up positions, yet they dont work. If these things started 4rm da beginning of da semester, the question is; Where are the school authorities and da SRC Executives?

    • These are some of the questions i ask myself and i thank God am not the only one who knows this. Naa, this problem has been there for decades and this year we have seen new security men been recruited yet nothing is been done.

  6. kofi, wat effort have you made to contact the SRC and the university council to know thier actions? This is because they cannot come to your hostels and tell you wat they are doing and sometime they keep their plans secret to outsmart the criminals. Pls do well to contact any of them.

    • Hello Prince, Thank you for your idea. I think i need to contact them and know what they are up to, but you know when it is exams week there is not enough time to get these people so the only medium i could use was to blog it. I will take your suggestion and work on it.

  7. it’s not only in your school but Knust students have experienced such armed robbery attacks and it is affecting some of the students psychologically. a lot of laptops and phones even money was taken by the armed robbers at gun point.if don’t have anything you will be beaten. we need the police and other security services to come to our aid.

  8. Please thanks for the alert but i suggest that you post this on the university website. I can also give you the chief security’s contact number.

  9. Prince,keep it up because we are sick and tired of the incompetence of our leaders.All they know is money without thinking about the welfare of their people

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