Barcamp started first in the year 2012 at Takoradi. The Takoradi Polytechnic was the venue for the event. The theme for Barcamp Takoradi was “Empowering the emerging middle class in a budding economy: efficient use of technology in entrepreneurship” and the key speaker was Nana Kobina Nketsia V.

Nana Kobina Nketsia V on stage sharing his entrepreneurial skills to the youth

One of his profound quotes was “all education is indoctrination. The best education is indoctrination that makes you aware of indoctrination.”. He also stated that entrepreneurship is not about money- it’s about contentment and sense of achievement. He noted that the emergence of technology has destroyed families and other important social relationships, he indicated that we should rather use technology in a positive way.

This year’s edition was organized in conjunction with local groups at the Takoradi Polytechnic. By partnering with these groups, this Barcamp  focused on engaging the youth in Takoradi, especially the students. We had students coming from Sekondi College. They were thought how to learn in relation to solving the challenges in Africa and the world. We also had students from University of Cape Coast, joining the events and sharing their ideas with the people of Takoradi.


Students from University of Cape Coast

The different thing about Barcamp Takoradi was that, the participants were allowed to share their goals or aspiration with the audience and those who had very innovative ideas or had started some projects were giving support to help them succeed. We had a mentor coming in to help the students who were interested in Engineering. The Ghana Blogging Society also came to the event to teach the students how they can use the social media in the upcoming election. The break out session was great, a new group called the Accra Music Lounge, a non- profit organisation using state-of-the-art space and urban cultural experience and using the power of music to create an environment that nurtures the creative abilities of young people, they joined the breakout session to share their project and also get more ideas from the youth.

Students from Sekondi College, Takoradi

The lunch was great, as usual at every barcamp participants have to forced to eat the food, since there are a lot to consume.

GTUG manager UCC enjoying his snack.

The event ended with #morevim for the future!


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