Gregorry with Martin Padding


Amos Gregory is his name, a native of the Fante land- a tribe in Ghana. He lives in Cape Coast with his mum. He is from a very humble home and his story begun at a slower pace.Amos attended his primary school at Assin Fosu a town in the central region of Ghana and later moved to Cape Coast for his JHS and furthered his SHS at Academy of Christ the King and was part of the 2008 graduating batch. I first met Amos at Evangelical Methodist Church of Christ. He is currently studying at the University of Cape Coast College (university of choice). He is single, a Christian and loves music. He is studying music at the university. He is proving that music is worth studying in Ghana. He has been the best so far in his department with respect to playing piano and has played for the school musical programmes. One of the most memorable achievements of his life was when he was selected to be part of the twelve member group to attend an international music seminar in Accra, Ghana. Among the group were 10 students reading their Masters programme and 2 reading their undergraduate degree (including him).


Gregorry with Emeritus Prof. J.H.Nketsia

This seminar included world acclaimed dignitaries like Emeritus Prof. J. H. Nketsia and Martin Padding ( THE HEAD OF COMPOSITION @ THE ROYAL HAGUE CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC HOLLAND) and Emmy Storms of Conservatorium Den Haag, Holland.  He was the only student who took the challenge to perform that day with Emmy Storms. He wrote both scripts for the piano and the violin.  Ayekooo!  May God’s grace guide you through this task.




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