BarCamp Takoradi 2012 will be a networking event to bring people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about Takoradi, Ghana and beyond. It hopes to assemble Western Regional stakeholders to network, build a supportive enterprising community and initiate partnerships for sustainable development. BarCamp Takoradi 2012 will take place on March 3, 2012 at the Takoradi Polytechnic. The theme is “Empowering the emerging middle class in a budding oil-fuelled economy: efficient use of technology”. This is a FREE event for anyone who is interested in using their skills, talent, and resources to benefit Takoradi, Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The BarCamp Ghana team has successfully organized 11 BarCamps in Ghana – in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Tamale and Ho. Barcamp Ghana is a project being run by the GhanaThink Foundation, an NGO based both in Ghana and the USA. The events have brought together over a thousand leaders and change makers. Barcamp Takoradi 2012 builds upon Barcamp Takoradi 2010 which was held at the Takoradi Technical Institute under the theme “Leading & Entreprising in an Oil & Technology Fuelled Economy”. on November 27, 2010. The event showcased Ghanaian ingenuity through the MIT fabrication lab (fab-lab), sharing of ideas, and had presentations and panels on how to leverage the burgeoning oil industry.

This year’s edition will be organized in conjunction with local groups at the Takoradi Polytechnic. By partnering with these groups, this Barcamp will focus on engaging youth in Takoradi – especially students – on how to create more value for and within their respective localities and ultimately helping shape the development agenda in this election year. Barcamp Takoradi 2012 will also be a medium for building up the community from 2010’s event, taking stock of what’s happened so far and proposing measures for continued engagement in the Western Region.

Barcamp Takoradi 2012 will feature multiple sessions on technology tools and products, with a special session on using technology for the Ghanaian elections in 2012. There shall also be a speed mentoring session where participants get some efficient quality time with selected mentors and resource personnel. Like all Barcamps, there will be user-generated sessions and discussions where attendees get to set the agenda and topics for the day. Local experts will share knowledge on different technologies and successful entrepreneurs and innovators will share their stories to serve as models for participants.

Registration for BarCamp Takoradi is through the eventbrite website. Publicity will be done through email, social media, press releases, posters and radio. Speakers will be invited as well as mentors for our mentoring session. BarCamp Takoradi 2012 is sponsored by the Takoradi Polytechnic,GhanaThink Foundation, Fienipa Group, etc. Our media partners are and Melody FM. or barcamp at


The Protestant and Pentecostal Chaplaincy Committee (PPCC) is organizing it annual conference. This is the 10th year of the conference and it is been celebrated in a grand style with seasoned speakers. The theme for the conference is BREAKING THE LIMIT; A CHAMPIONS HALL MARK.  The date for the conference is from the 23rd – 25th February, 2012, at the University of Cape Coast main auditorium. The time is:

Thursday and Friday, 6:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday, morning session, 8:00am-12:00pm

There will be a Praise Night dubbed CHAMPIONS’ PRAISE on Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm.




Topics to be addressed at the conference are:

  • Dealing with the “I” syndrome
  • Matters of the heart (Relationship)
  • Upholding integrity in a corrupt world
  • Leadership; a combination of strategy and character
  • The blueprint  of excellence
  • Practical wealth creation in the 21st century.

The speakers for the conference are:

  • Rev. Daniel Asiedu (CEO Zenith Bank, Ghana)
  • Bishop Charles Agyin Asare (General Overseer, WMCI)
  • Dr. Berth Offei-Awuku (Medical Doctor, UCC Hospital)
  • Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee ( President, Salt and Light Ministry)
  • Dr. Michael Agyekum (CEO, KAMA Industries Ltd)
  • Dr. Pascal Brenya (HR, British Council & UN)

Profile of the speakers will be posted soon.


Sponsors include    coca cola, KAMA, , TOBINCO, PRINT WELSIN, ATL FM , AKOMA AND .

The rate for the conference is GH15.00 and the packages include certificate, conference materials book for first 500 and refreshment.

Contact these numbers for enquiries:




There will be live tweeting and facebooking (online conference), this will be monitored and controlled with the support of Google Technology Users Group (GTUG) and Barcamp Cape Coast organisers.

Facebook page:  Champions PPCC

Twitter page:  Champions conference, #championsconference  

Motto:     Champions… For life….


“Five Reasons Why Teenage Pregnant Girls Should Get a Second Chance in Life”

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Opportunity, they say, comes but once. People believe that there are few chances and that any of them which come your way, you have to grab them fast before they pass away. In our sub- Saharan Africa, many young girls engage in illicit sexual activities resulting in high rate of teenage pregnancy. Most of these victims do not achieve their purpose in life due to the misfortune (teenage pregnancy), and only 1% are able overcome this trauma in order to achieve their goals in life.

Many of these young mothers accept the fact that their prospects for greater opportunities have been shut down. They need to admit that the mistake has already been committed and that there is another chance for them to do something new with their lives. Another chance has been opened for them because of that misfortune. There is always another chance, but not everyone recognizes that chance. During an attachment (internship) I had with one of the biggest telecommunications in Ghana, I had the opportunity to travel to a town in the central region known as Elmina- a fishing area; I went there to market and sell their products. One of the saddest moments I encountered in that area is the story am about to share. As I was roaming the area to find customers, I came across three beautiful young ladies with age ranging from 16-18 years, and there was a baby too. I went to convince them to buy my products, but unfortunately for me none bought some.

I then asked them if they were in school. The first girl said she attends school, the second girl said she is not in school due to financial difficulty, and last girl then told me that she is not in school because she has a baby. I then asked the third girl if she would still like to go to school, she said yes when the baby crawls.

As we were talking and sharing ideas as to how to get to back to school, another girl joined us. I asked her if she is in school. She said no because she hates being in school- that was a lie. The first girl then nudged her to tell the truth. She then told me that she is not in school because she is pregnant (a girl of about 16 years). I think she was about three or four months pregnant. She is the sister to the young girl with the baby, so out of four girls I talked to, two were pre-mature mothers.

I asked them about their future job prospects. One said she wants to be a caterer with her own restaurant. The other three girls said they love to be nurses. From their speech I realized they have no plans to achieve their goals. I then shared a story of a senior lecturer in my university who was also a victim of their situation, but was able to achieve her dreams. They were encouraged and made a promise to me that they will do their best to overcome their limitation. These victims need to be encouraged and motivated to use their experience as a lesson to guard their path to success. Life is full of opportunities and until you realize it, you will never know.

  • The fact that they have failed morally does not mean they are failures. “Failure gives you the opportunity to start over more intelligently”.  When this kind of knowledge is imparted into their minds and into their hearts, young mothers will not live in abject poverty.
  • This kind of knowledge will put them back on track and help them fulfill their purpose in life. If these teenagers were taught well, encouraged and not insulted, then the government wouldn’t have to spend millions of dollars to curb this kind of situation.
  • Many potential leaders, doctors, bankers, footballers and corporate lawyers who are victims of teenage pregnancy are out there not knowing what to do with their lives. They do not even know the next step to take; since they are helpless, they try to do petty jobs like selling sachet water and other stuffs to keep them going. Due to the insufficient income derived from this petty job, they return to their former state of life in order to get more income to feed themselves and their families.
  • These young girls need a little nurturing to make it in life. I believe that there is another chance created as a result of every mistake committed.
  • Due to the early experience of hardship in life, they are more likely to succeed and strive to excel in their work.

Thanks to my coach Dr. Robert Osburn, Lecturer, University of Minnesota


Gregorry with Martin Padding


Amos Gregory is his name, a native of the Fante land- a tribe in Ghana. He lives in Cape Coast with his mum. He is from a very humble home and his story begun at a slower pace.Amos attended his primary school at Assin Fosu a town in the central region of Ghana and later moved to Cape Coast for his JHS and furthered his SHS at Academy of Christ the King and was part of the 2008 graduating batch. I first met Amos at Evangelical Methodist Church of Christ. He is currently studying at the University of Cape Coast College (university of choice). He is single, a Christian and loves music. He is studying music at the university. He is proving that music is worth studying in Ghana. He has been the best so far in his department with respect to playing piano and has played for the school musical programmes. One of the most memorable achievements of his life was when he was selected to be part of the twelve member group to attend an international music seminar in Accra, Ghana. Among the group were 10 students reading their Masters programme and 2 reading their undergraduate degree (including him).


Gregorry with Emeritus Prof. J.H.Nketsia

This seminar included world acclaimed dignitaries like Emeritus Prof. J. H. Nketsia and Martin Padding ( THE HEAD OF COMPOSITION @ THE ROYAL HAGUE CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC HOLLAND) and Emmy Storms of Conservatorium Den Haag, Holland.  He was the only student who took the challenge to perform that day with Emmy Storms. He wrote both scripts for the piano and the violin.  Ayekooo!  May God’s grace guide you through this task.





That is me on the left and on the right is Leoony Hagan, the student ambassador at Google.



I had the opportunity to take a picture with him when we both attended Barcamp Ghana 2011, at Kofi Annan Center of Excellence.Leoony attended Dieudonne International School for his JHS and furthered his SHS at Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion and was part of the 2008 graduating batch. I first met Leoony at Aggrey Memorial School as we were both part of the executive committee of Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA). He is currently studying at the Central University College. He is single, a Christian and loves music. On Facebook, he describes himself as a “cool young man who wants to establish contact with friends from all over the world with good unquestionable characters”. The Google Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for student to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. Their responsibilities are to learn about innovative Google products and programmes, plan and host fun events on campus, act as a campus contact for Google teams and help Google better understand each university’s culture. This year, Google selected 29 Ambassadors from 5 universities in Ghana. The universities are Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, Central University College and Ashesi University. The students were selected based on a review of the motivation letters, essays, etc they submitted as part of the application process. They serve as a strategic link between their campuses and Google Ghana. This a very competitive position to hold and so we say Leoony Ayekooo!  May God’s grace guide you through this task. AMOSA! Always aim high.



Credit to Google Africa Blog.