Youth Crusaders, a youth wing of Evangelical Methodist Church of Christ, Cape Coast organized it annual youth conference with a focus on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THE USE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA” There were about 70 participants since this was the first conference on such a theme. It rained heavily, but things worked out well. We were assisted by Barcamp Cape Coast organisers in setting up the internet wireless connection and the all the IT stuff. The speakers were actually Barcampers and they stirred the motivation of the participants to do greater things. We had internet accessibility for live tweeting. We were privileged to have one lecturer from the Cape Coast Polytechnic and some students from the University of Cape Coast and Central University College, Accra joining us for the conference.

Amma Baffoe, Communications Manager for Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology gave the first talk. She centered on how to be different in the world as an entrepreneur and the keys to been exceptional in whatever you do. The participants were moved by her talk since she has been able to break the gender limitation, she urged graduates to network since that is the most effective tool to get a job. The following are some of entrepreneurial skills she highlighted:

  • Generate income before you start to spend
  • Live a life of integrity so people can trust you with their work
  • Be fluent in an alternative international  language
  • Check the interest rate involved when taking loans especially with the student loans
  • How you present yourself speak volumes about you
  • Networking tactics, a tool for securing a job
  • Try as much as possible to avoid loans when you start your business.


MacJordan Degadjor, the Ghanaian acclaimed blogger and the Co-founder of a social media marketing company took the stage as the second and last speaker, he talked on the social media, but with emphasis on blogging and how entrepreneurs can blend it with their businesses. He shared with us how some Ghanaians have been inspired by this concept and the pace at which their businesses are improving with this idea. Here are some of the key points he elaborated:

  • The social media is the cheapest field for marketing your products and ideas
  • Know what you want to share on the social media platform.
  • Create good content before promoting your Page.


Our followers and friends on twitter and facebook had this to share during the conference:

Nicolas Patience B. (Congo)

First find a NEED to satisfy then the money will come. Money before the NEED is a failed venture.


Fab Adu, CEO Showtime Ghana INC. (Ghana)

He said one of the entrepreneurial skills is putting your money into something and getting it back more than billion folds.


Akua Akyaa Nkrumah (Washington, DC)

Serve the people, fulfill a unique need and money will flow on its own.


Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Google Ghana (Ghana)

One needs to focus on how to sustain a venture that is where money comes in.

Fatima Ansari, Law Student (Pakistan)

Every person on the earth should be part of the social media, if an area is deprived of modern technology then steps should be taken to resolve that problem. Trust me there are people in the world who collect each and every dime to fulfill their basic necessity. I prefer learning institutions that provide Virtual Education of modern technology.

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Youth Crusaders, a youth wing of Evangelical Methodist Church of Christ, Cape Coast is organizing it annual youth conference with a focus on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THE USE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA”. It will be a gathering of young people who are going to be thought how to utilize the influx of social media to acquire entrepreneurial skills and build businesses as well. The social media has become grounds for generating daily income for many people around the world, and few people in Africa are benefiting from this truth.

The event is on the 28th January, 2012 at Cape Coast in the central region of Ghana and the venue is at the church auditorium opposite the central mosque. It will start from 9am to 2am. The speakers for the conference are Mr. Mac-Jordan Degadjor, an award winning blogger and Miss. Amma Baffoe, communications manager of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.  They are among the few young seasoned speakers in Ghana, so be there! We will be bringing you the pictures and the interviews after the event, so do well to check this blog.

You can check the details of the conference on Facebook- EMCC YOUTH CONFERENCE or on Twitter- YOUTH CRUSADERS1. The hash tag for followers on Twitter is #EMCCYouth.

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