Everybody smiles when happy, during occasions like wedding or when a joke is shared or when one has won a competition etc. We meet people in the markets, shopping malls, coffee shops, schools or the pathway and we see them with beautiful smiles and we unconsciously assume that everything is well with them. Have we ever wondered what is actually behind that smile? Does it really mean all is well? Definitely not, smiles cannot permanently hide the pain, worry and frustrations people go through in life. Many are the secret problems people want to hide behind smiles. The playing cards of life cannot be played behind smiles; it has to be played as it is. It is time we halt to ask our friends their welfare after we have seen their smile.

Behind the smile of everyone, there is a question that needs to be asked. People are scared and feel odd about sharing their problems with people, in that case they use a smile as a temporary antidote as their cure. Do not put your fate in the disguise of a smile! The true identity of a person cannot always be hidden in a mask it will one day be taken off. You cannot keep that terrible issue to yourself, find a very resourceful person with integrity and share it with him. One can look beautiful with a smile and inwardly be ugly (sorrowful).


By: Emeritus

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